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Our Services

Commercial Lawsuits

We provide legal assistance in the strategy and resolution of ordinary, executive and special commercial litigation. Protecting your interests, solving effectively and safely.

Corporate Law

We have the necessary experience to assist our clients before, during and after the formation of their companies, complying with the legal provisions.

Intellectual Property

We protect the intangible assets of our clients by providing services for the registration, defense, transmission and maintenance of trademarks, copyrights and patents, among others.

Corporate Governance

We assist company directors in the application of standards and practices to comply with the obligations of their positions and fulfill current regulations.

Foreign Companies

We provide legal services to foreign companies in their commercial activities in Mexico from the planning of the start of their operations to have a solid foundation to achieve their objectives.

Restructuring of Companies

We apply legal strategies to maintain stability, protect the business and guarantee its permanence.

Corporate Legal

We handle the legal area of ​​the Companies to keep it in their optimal condition by applying legal current principles and criteria.

Legal Risk Prevention

Our firm is able to detect possible contingencies that may arise and prevent them in an accurate, efficient and timely manner.

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